The Gelato Maker

My obsession with sweet culinary delights brought me around the world. In Italy, I, like most Italians and tourists, indulged in gelato on a daily basis with no regard to the weather or time of day. What is it about gelato that makes it so alluring? How have the Italians perfected ice cream? These questions brought me to Gelato University to find answers. 


I learned that memorable food brings us together and that all of the best experiences are sweeter when shared, so I started SF Gelateria. This mobile gelato shop serves gelato using italian techniques, but with a Californian twist, leveraging natural ingredients and global inspirations.

The Amazing Range of Flavors


We will take you on a culinary journey with Italian classics, American favorites, and exotic global flavors. Our diverse menu is gluten-free and includes vegan flavors as well as traditional favorites like stracchiatella and pistacchio.

Inside our treats you'll find the highest quality, freshest, most natural ingredients sourced locally. There are absolutely no chemical additives or artificial colorings. We make every flavor from scratch and use organic ingredients. SF Gelateria gelato is delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. 

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