Great Community Space

Located in the heart of the North Shoreview neighborhood. Kingston Cafe is the community meeting place and play area. Featuring ethically produced, rich, and delicious Equator Coffee; healthy and tasty sandwiches; lots of fresh baked treats and artisan gelato, there is something to satisfy every craving.

Owned by a former North Shoreview Montessori School teacher (and current parent), partnered with a 20 year veteran of the coffee industry. The team provides the highest quality experience with local roots. The kids play area allows parents to enjoy a peaceful respite while the young ones entertain themselves and make new friends. 

Truly Great
and Ethical Coffee


For over 20 years Ted has followed his passion for great coffee and top customer satisfaction. Which is why he serves Equator Coffee. Equator is a high-impact coffee company focused on quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Equator’s philosophy on coffee is built from a question: how do we create value from our perch in the coffee supply chain, standing at the intersection between local and distant coffee communities?

Equator believes that quality underlies economic and environmental sustainability. We support environmentally sound certifications, as well as practices that produce the highest quality coffee while securing a dignified life for those who produce it.

What Makes A Community


We've tailor our space to meet all of the community needs. The child's play area allows parents to actually enjoy the refreshments while the kids make new friends. Tables large and small, couches, and plenty of outlets let's everyone fine just the spot they are looking for. Whether you need an area to work or study; want to checkout out the board game collection; or just want to meet your neighbors and compare your favorite gelato flavors, our inviting space is just right.

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